Leveraging Social Media Insights as a Nonprofit


Entering the world of social media can be daunting at first, especially for a nonprofit organization. Trying to avoid all of the unspoken taboos of social interactions on each different social media platform, while still promoting your mission, is quite the task. Once you’re able to figure out how your organization fits into social conversations and craft a successful social media strategy, you’ve taken a critical first step. You’ll build your audience through engaging content and participating in relevant conversations.

Now you have all of these new followers that support your organization and would make perfect donors. You also have a ton of information available about them via their social profiles. Taking a close look at your nonprofit’s social media insights can offer lots of data and information that can be used to your organization’s advantage, including:

Knowing What’s Important to Your Followers

While you know that your followers find your cause important, what else are they passionate about? Uncovering new topics of conversation can inspire new programs and content marketing paths to really connect with what your supporters find meaningful.

Engaging the Next Generation of Donors

Many of your current followers might already be supporters. However, in order to not exhaust your current supporters, social media can help you tap into that next wave of prospects. Tools like Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight allows you to dive into millennial-driven conversations and find new hashtags to see where people are posting and what content is most important to them. You can also discover key influencers around these conversations, interact with them, and hopefully, drive people back to your social media properties, then your website. Any of the participants in these social media conversations has donor potential — you just need to access them.

Taking Risks and Experimenting

Social media is a great place to test a new concept that your nonprofit is thinking about adopting. Asking for opinions from your followers is the easiest way to figure out if that new logo you’re deciding on works, or if your new fundraising campaign’s tagline truly engages people. Since you have a strong understanding of your followers, and you know that they support your mission, they are the best test group you’re going to find when it comes to figuring out if a new message or strategy is going to resonate well with the public. It’s also much cheaper to test these new concepts on social media before rolling them out on your websites, marketing materials, or creating events that could fail.

Finding Out Communication Preferences / Devices

Social media insights will allow you to see how people are finding and interacting with your nonprofit online. You will be able to determine if people are finding you via desktop or mobile; acquired via email, or backlinks. This knowledge will allow you to tailor your communications for maximum impact. It will also allow you to save time and money by adapting your nonprofit’s online presence to what your supporters are using.

Using the following you’ve worked so hard to grow on you social media properties to your nonprofit’s advantage is one of the most important parts of cultivating a social media presence. How are you using social media to grow your donor pool? What things would you like to learn about your social media followers that would be helpful to your nonprofit?

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