5 Metrics for Stewardship Ministry Success


As a giving analytics company, we often get asked the question, “What should I be measuring in my stewardship ministry?” Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. While giving does represent a dimension of stewardship, measuring the ministry’s impact should extend beyond this dollar metric. For example, are your givers serving in your church, volunteering in your community, and using their talents to make a difference? Furthermore, as individuals mature in their Christian faith there should be an external transformation in how they approach their role as a steward.

MortarStone uses a powerful metric-based system to track giving. The scope of these metrics take into consideration a “win” as defined through givers (people) and giving (dollars). Giving is the fuel that funds the ministry. We’ve yet to engage with a church whose mission is not impacted by giving, or lack thereof. In other words, giving fuels the ministry so it’s essential for the church to understand the micro (i.e. households) and macro (i.e. total giving to the church) forces at work. In order for the church to better understand these trends, every church leader and stewardship pastor should know and track the following five (5) metrics…download the full article. 


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